What are the different types of jewelry and what do they mean?

February 3, 2024

Jewelry has always played an important role in fashion. They are accessories that embellish the body and express the character of the wearer. There are many different types of jewelry, differentiated by material, style, shape and so on. Each type of jewelry has its own particular meaning. Here's our guide to the main types of jewelry and their meanings.

Necklaces and chokers 

Jewelry worn around the neck or nape of the neck, necklaces and chokers can be made from a variety of materials such as pearls, metal, fabric, feathers or leather. For example, necklaces like the Lover Girl Necklace are made from durable gemstones to delight buyers. Necklaces and chokers can also serve a variety of functions. They can be decorative, erotic, symbolic and so on.

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There are many different types of necklaces and chokers on the market 

Long necklaces

The sautoir necklace is a long, flexible piece of jewelry that reaches down to the chest or stomach. It can be made up of pearls of various sizes or several intertwined chains. It elongates the silhouette and adds movement to the garment.

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The choker 

The choker is worn around the neck like a necklace, but has no pendant or clasp. It can be made of fabric, tattoo, leather or metal. It emphasizes the slenderness of the neck.

The choker necklace 

This is a short, tight piece of jewelry. It is placed at the base of the neck. It can be made of ribbon, velvet, metal or lace. It enhances the neckline and head carriage.

The princess necklace

The princess necklace is of medium length, reaching the hollow of the neck. It is usually composed of a row of pearls or a fine chain. It goes well with all kinds of outfits, etc.

These different types of jewelry are complemented by the bib necklace. Large and imposing, it covers part of the bust. It can be made from feathers, shells, stones or metal. An extravagant necklace, it attracts the eye and adds character to the garment.

Rings, a symbol of love and power

Usually worn on the fingers, rings can also be worn on other parts of the body, such as the navel, nose or toes. These jewels have a long history and were once used to mark social status, commitment to love or membership of a group. The different types of rings on the market are ..:

  • the wedding ring: a sober, simple piece of jewelry made of precious metal. It is the symbol of fidelity and marriage. It is worn on the left ring finger. According to tradition, the ring finger is connected to the heart by a vein;
  • the signet ring: a wide, flat piece of jewelry adorned with a coat of arms, an emblem or a motif.  Originally, this ring was worn by knights and noblemen to affirm their identity or seal documents. Today, however, it can be worn by anyone as a sign of family pride or distinction;
  • the engagement ring: given at the time of a marriage proposal to seal the promise of union. It's usually worn on the right ring finger, until the wedding day, when it's replaced by the wedding band, etc. 

In addition to these different types of rings, there is also the birth ring, given to the mother after the birth of a baby, and the half wedding ring, which symbolizes the balance and harmony between two people who love each other.

In short, each type of jewelry has a specific meaning. It's up to you to take this into account when choosing your beauty accessory.